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Soapy Mountain Suds

Hidden Treasure Laundry Soap

Hidden Treasure Laundry Soap

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Behold! The elusive Hidden Treasure of Soapy Mountain Suds has been unearthed! Launder your clothes with our alluring Hidden Treasure Laundry Soap, a tantalizing melange of woody scents and sandalwood oil, also featuring a brighter hint of lemongrass.

How to use:
Add 2 tbsp for a normal size load directly in the drum before adding clothes.

Always practice safety: Keep all household cleaning products away from children. Flush thoroughly with water should product get in eyes.
Ingredients :
-Washing Powder (sodium carbonate): 
Hard water makes it difficult to clean laundry completely because the minerals in the water keep the detergents from doing their best work. Washing soda "softens" the water by binding to the minerals in the water, allowing the detergents to lift dirt from fabric.
-Borax: Known to whiten and brighten clothes, get rid of odors, and soften hard water to reduce mineral deposits left behind on fabrics.
-Citric Acid: 
With the help of citric acid, stubborn dirt is thoroughly removed from clothing, and sensitive skin is better protected.
-Sodium Cocoate from coconut oil: 
Sodium cocoate is a surfactant meant to help clean sheets, towels, clothing and much more. It is a common ingredient in many soaps, laundry detergents, and cleaning products.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sarah A (Sevierville, US)

Smells wonderful!

A.L. (Sevierville, US)
Love this scent!!

I’ve used the Landry soap before and I know how great of a product it is and this one didn’t disappoint! Smells wonderful! Not too strong of a scent either. Clothes come out clean and fresh.

Jessica King

This has to be BY FAR the BEST smelling Laundry Soap I have ever used!!! From wash to dry the clothes smelled amazing! Even my husband who does construction for a living said he loved it. He’s hard to plz!!! Shoutout to Soapy Mountain Suds for such a damn great product!