Our Story

After months of research in 2020, I took the plunge and started crafting my own soaps. Initially, I put my focus into Donkey Milk Soap, but I quickly moved onto creating cold process soaps. This soap line significantly outperformed my original business "ZIFF Beard Care". So, I decided to focus on soap and refine my business. 

The stunningly popular response to my Donkey Milk Soaps was off the charts! But I was ready–testimonials were flooding in, and I never looked back. I stick to the highest-quality natural ingredients, always handmade in East Tennessee, and distributed nationwide. My loyal fanbase has been essential for growth, and I work hard to balance affordability and top-notch products.


This is where my energy has been concentrated the last few years. I'm sure no other soap biz can hook you up with such high-quality goodies at such awesome rates. Thanks, fam. Appreciate the love!