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Soapy Mountain Suds

Baccarat Rouge 540 Type Luxury Laundry Soap

Baccarat Rouge 540 Type Luxury Laundry Soap

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Scent Strength
Unleash the irresistible scent of Baccarat Rouge 540 Luxury Laundry Soap with a tantalizing mix of amber, musk, saffron, patchouli, and a subtle hint of lemon and jasmine. Keep your laundry smelling amazing with Soapy Mountain Suds (totally different from Baccarat Rouge 540, btw). Let's make laundry day a little less mundane, shall we?
How to use:
Add 2 tbsp for a normal size load (~6LBS) directly in the drum before adding clothes.

Caution: Ensuring the safety of you and your little ones is a top priority. Always keep cleaning products out of reach of children and carefully rinse with water if they come into contact with eyes.

Unfortunately, due to IFRA regulations and guidelines, this particular scent is temporarily unavailable for purchase in the double scent option.
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I love it


Smells absolutely amazing!