Frequently Asked Beard Care Questions

You've asked, we've answered...


How long is ZIFF Beard Oil good for?

 ZIFF Beard Oil is often good for about 3 to 6 months before it the scent begins to taper off.  If you decide to not purchase a scented beard oil, then the shelf life would be much longer.

We do recommend that if you haven’t used ZIFF Beard Oil in some time, that you simply give your bottle of ZIFF a quick sniff test to ensure that it doesn’t smell rancid.

If still uncertain, you can always do a small application to your beard and see if you feel that DIFF with ZIFF!

Will beard oil make my beard look greasy?


When used responsibly – beard oil won’t give your beard a greasy or oily look.  However, if you don’t wash your beard regularly or you over apply beard oil – then a greasy appearance can occur.  However, if you follow the recommended application instructions by only using a few drops (about a dime sized amount) – beard oil will be nourishing to both your beard hair and skin.

How much beard oil should you use?


Most experts recommend that you should use anywhere between a dime to nickel-sized amount.  Of course, the amount required will vary depending on the severity of the dryness of your skin along with the length of your beard.  Generally speaking, you will want to use the following amounts:


  • Short stubble: About 3 to 4 drops
  • Beard less than 1” in length: About 4 to 5 drops
  • Beard greater than 1” in length: 5+ drops
  • Beards greater than 12” in length: 10+ drops


What is your #1 seller?

Everyone has different preferences, and each scent is someone's favorite. Our top seller is the Tobacco Vanilla scent.

What ingredients do you use?

We only use all-natural ingredients in our products. We use aragan, jojoba, pure vitamin E, rosemary, eucalyptus and tea tree and many other natural essential oils, and carrier oils in our beard oil. Our beard balm is made with shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, coconut oil, and every oil that is used in our beard oil. We only use premium essential oils to scent our products. 

Why should I choose ZIFF?

 We are a locally owned right in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. We're a company that proudly makes our products in the USA. We only use premium ingredients.

What is Beard Oil/Balm/Wax?


Beard Oil is a combination of all natural oils that help moisturize your beard, keep it healthy, and give off a great scent. The end result is a softer, healthier, shinier (not greasy), and less wild beard.


Beard Balm is similar to Beard Oil except that is has a natural Shea or Cocoa butter base and has balm/paste/cream consistency. It serves mostly the same purpose as Beard Oil


Beard Wax is similar to Beard Balm plus has Beeswax added to the base. This allows for a little more control over your beard. 


In addition to keeping your beard in check, Beard Oil/Balm/Wax is also very good for the skin underneath your beard.

Can Beard Oil stop my skin from being itchy?

 Yes! You can use any of our All Natural, Man Made products to help with itchy skin. Beard Oils and Beard Balms help nourish the skin and relieves itching in addition to making your beard awesome.

Are ZIFF Beard Products Animal Tested?

 No. ZIFF Beard Essentials does not test our products on animals. I am however guilty of playing with pets sometimes after applying oil or balm. I don't feel like this counts.